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Preparing the payroll includes calculating various wage formulas and deductions.



In accounting practice, the payroll can refer to either a detailed listing of a company's or organization's employees, or to the sum total of all wages and benefits the organization or firm must pay its employees.  Payroll wages are typically based on an annual salary, commission, or an hourly rate of compensation.  They are paid for a set period of time (e.g. weekly, semi-monthly, monthly) on a specified date (e.g. 1st, 15th, 30th).  Preparing the payroll also includes figuring various adjustment to wages such as sick pay and bonuses, as well as deductions for taxes, insurance premiums, and employee savings plans.  Larger businesses have a specialized payroll department, which is sometimes part of the human resources or personnel office.  At smaller organizations wages are calculated and paid directly by the owner or his/her designee.



 Hollingers Services can efficiently: 

  • Process actual payroll
  • Calculate withholding taxes as well as other deductions and benefits
  • Provide job costing and payroll expenses
  • Ensure timely payment of payroll taxes
  • Handle all quarterly and year-end wage and tax reporting
  • Prepare employee W-2 statements


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